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so i went on tumblr today and…I-I…I…. WHAT?!! I’M SO SHOCKED!! @__@
Mary’s hair will be the end of me
5 minute thing.
i drew a lot of weird things today and i think this is the weirdest so far.
stil gotta finish that sailor seto thing …
please don’t repost
20 min sketch doodley!!! :D UMMM IDK OK?! so embarrassed about uuploading shipping stuff uhuhuh
its amazing how the most ikemen characters get turned into a loli and shota … 

please don’t repost
UUUM…. shhhhh
Drew with my right hand LOL it’s so terrible xDD
Oops, forgot tumblr //slapped
idk what this is tbh… i suppose she’s waiting????
lol really embarrassed about uploading this for some reason, probably cuz friends will see xDD

Redistribution, editing, and claiming as own is forbidden!!!!
2 hour doodle yaaaaaay~ more touhou!!
might be perfect cherry blossom???
one hour practice doodle of Sanae from touhou.
redistribution, editing, and claiming as own is forbidden.